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We are Pop Shop Photobooth. We are selling a photobooth experience. This experience is a shared moment with family and friends. This shared moment involves summoning your silliest, happiest self. It involves being present in the moment. It involves wearing an oversized sombrero, or a wacky pair of sunglasses. It involves smushing together with family and friends in a small, sometimes awkward confined space to smile and say cheese the old fashioned way. In that space, we sell a moment. And that moment does not involve a smart-phone but instead a tangible memory that is printed within seconds and enjoyed for years to come. 

We sell an experience that can only be captured live in our open air photobooth. We can do just about anything to emphasize this experience. We will build you a set complete with flowers, props, sequin backdrops, or keep it simple and capture happy moments in the space you chose. We are all about being present. Whatever you may need to make a photo-op as simple or as impressive as possible. The idea is to get people out of their cell phones to enjoy the moment. They can take home their photo strip and remember a great day or any unforgettable experience 
Those memories, triggered by a printed photo, will last a lifetime. Bring back the artifacts. Let's take some pictures! 

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