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Whether hiking in the California Redwoods, riding camels around the ancient Pyramids of Egypt or camping in The Black Forest of Germany my childhood as a military brat showed me the world and gave me opportunity to fall in love with each and every adventure.

At Puckett Excursions, I will provide you with something new, take you out of your comfort zone, while showing you the world through my eyes. It's time to let go of the world back home, and follow me to some the most amazing places on the planet. Our group "guided" adventures focus on "off the beaten path" experiences in locations you wouldn't be able to find on your own.  

I believe in the active adventurer in all of us. So most trips include hiking and camping outdoors. Food, tents and drinks are always provided. You just have to show up and I’ll show you the rest. I keep the trips small, no more than 10 people, allowing for individualized attention, the ability to connect with nature and other "like minded" guests. Together we push ourselves to find new paths, see new vistas, and learn about ourselves every step of the way.

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