Sierra Jack Petfoods


We start with the highest quality ingredients, and then add 8 groups of sequestered vitamins and trace minerals to make food that maximizes the health and well-being of your pet.

We add NONE of the things that you would not want in your pet's food:

  • NO by-products
  • NO artificial preservatives
  • NO chemical dyes
  • NO added sugars
  • NO soy
  • NO wheat
  • NO cheap fillers

Unlike other pet food you’ll find across big box stores, our cooking process maximizes the food's digestibility, deliverable nutrition, and great taste. Plus, our industry-unique free home delivery program provides an incredible freshness that is unattainable with a normal 3-tier distribution system. The end result is one of the best pet foods available, and 10-20% lower than national brands.

Our foods are 100% manufactured in the Midwest by a private, family run, AAFCO certified facility. All of our ingredients are sourced here in the United States, except for the free-range, grass fed lamb that is imported from New Zealand. As a result, Sierra Jack Petfoods have had no products recalled in our history.

Last year, there were over 160 companies whose pet foods were recalled, and most of those were name brands. Most are also owned by large corporations where reducing costs has become a corporate mantra. It turns out they had found a way to reduce costs by adding wheat gluten, corn gluten, and/or rice protein concentrates to their foods. These ingredients, which were being sourced from China, had somehow been tainted with melamine, a compound used in the production of plastics. Interestingly melamine substantially enhanced the ability of these additives to raise the measurable (not the usable) protein level in a pet food. Sadly, the melamine, apparently in combination with another ingredient was toxic to the pets that were eating it. Sierra Jack does not - nor will we ever - use these types of fillers in our foods. We feel they should not be in any pet food.


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